oOh! Cadbury Campaign Better Targeted w/ @QuantiumAU

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

oOh!media has launched its first campaign, with leading data and analytics company Quantium that was announced back in March, for Cadbury Favourites using said optimised planning solution that harnesses real transactional data.

Using ‘oOh! Insight powered by Quantium’, Cadbury Favourites will be able to more effectively target those identified, based on transactional behaviour, as having a greater propensity to purchase for social occasions.

This optimised approach means the campaign will now reach more than 15% more of this valuable audience than would traditionally have been possible.

Brendon Cook, CEO of oOh!, said Mondelez International’s latest campaign for Cadbury Favourites was a game-changer for not only the Out Of Home industry, but for how media is planned and bought, “After 18 months of testing and learning with Quantium we have now reached the point where our clients can start benefiting from smarter planning. We have created a methodology that links those exposed to each of oOh!’s Out Of Home assets nationally with Quantium’s anonymous transactional data, to enable us to identify and target transaction-based buying audiences for specific advertisers.

“By overlaying the most comprehensive transactional data across each of oOh!’s assets in 21,000 locations across the country, advertisers and their agencies can now plan like never before. Mondelez International, as one of the trail-blazers of using data to plan media more effectively, have shown how to tap into our purchased based targeting capability to reach audiences that have a greater propensity to purchase for the occasion.

“Ultimately, by giving advertisers access to this exciting planning solution, they can have greater confidence in buying Out Of Home media.”

oOh!, has been working with Mondelez International and its agencies Carat and Posterscope since May 2017 to plan the campaign using the Quantium data.

Jessica Finger, Senior Brand Manager Gifting & Christmas for Mondelez, said: “We’re very pleased to be able to use the data to inform our media planning, ensuring we are targeting the most relevant audience possible. We expect to see greater efficiency and precision being delivered across our out of home activity.”

The Mondelez International campaign, currently in market, is the first campaign to go live from a number of trials oOh! is undertaking with a small number of advertisers to test, learn and validate the functionality of the Quantium powered insights offering by oOh!.

The campaign is running across oOh! Retail locations in Australia during August and September.

oOh! is continuing further trials of the offering before its makes it available to the broader market later this year.

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