MEREO Optimising PIKASSO’s #OOH Revenue

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

PIKASSO, which many will know is, the leading out of home media owner throughout Levant and North Africa – with assets in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Mali, has recently started using various revenue optimisation and yield management solutions offered by Paris based MEREO.

The collaboration we believe includes an analysis of PIKASSO’s sales data, inventory structure and business processes, as well as the integration of software solutions – all aimed to optimize added value.

MEREO claims to be the world leader in revenue optimization / Yield Management for traditional OOH and digital out pf home advertising – a claim backed up probably by its work with JCDecaux in France and Mediatransports, and for various radio-television sales houses including Lagardère Publicité and NextRadioTV.

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