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UK Upward Trend for #DOOH According to @RouteResearch

Route [1] has just published the latest audience measurement data for the UK out of home advertising industry with its R24 release.

As anticipated, the data shows a continued upward trend for audiences of digital out of home advertising. This growth is largely driven by an increase in the number of digital frames which are being measured.

In total 5,774 digital frames are now measured and reported on by Route generating a weekly cover of 42% of GB adults aged 15+. This represents an increase in 4% in terms of the absolute number of digital frames which are being measured by Route and an increase of 6% in terms of the number of adults being reached on a weekly basis.

In the data presented above, Route has calculated the reach figure using a single week campaign of all 5,774 digital frames measured on Route in R24. Each digital frame is set to a 33% share of time meaning that we have assumed there will be three ads available on every digital screen which have equal share in airtime. The reach figures will increase / decrease based upon the share of loop set.

Definitions used:

Cover: the percentage of all adults who are reached by an advertising campaign
Reach: the number of adults who will be exposed to a campaign at least once

Route produces audience estimates for out-of-home advertising in Britain. The data we publish tell subscribers how many and what type of people see an advertising campaign, and how often they do so. The information is used as the currency for planning, trading and valuing advertising investment in the medium.