Elonex, MMedia Group and Superspace Sign up to @BitPosterUK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bitposter, one of the automated platforms for trading out of home media, this week announced partnerships with three UK media owners; Elonex, MMedia Group, and Superspace. We are told that thirty OOH media owners now partner with Bitposter, offering advertisers access to the largest online marketplace for digital and traditional OOH inventory within the UK

The inventory held by these three new media owners will deliver additional regional breadth to the Bitposter platform, providing buyers with access to screens in airports, music festivals, exhibition centres, sports stadia, transport hubs, roadside sites, service stations, high footfall regional retail locations, such as the Bullring in Birmingham, and mobile media, such as a pedicabs, throughout the UK.

Dan Waterman, Brand Director at Elonex told us “We’re looking forward to media buyers being able to access the Elonex Digital Network via the Bitposter platform. Bitposter makes it easy for brands and agencies to position high-impact advertising campaigns exactly where they need to be seen. And with more than 1500 LED screens in roadside locations, city centres, motorway service areas, sports stadiums, shopping centres and entertainment arenas, we believe our network really does deliver effective solutions for every targeting criteria.”

Elonex operate a relatively unique Digital Out Of Home Advertising Network, which stretches across multiple lifestyle environments to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to reach, target and engage with the most clearly defined audiences – the Elonex UK Digital Network includes large-format Roadside LED advertising billboards, digital screens at Motorway Service Areas, digital screens at major Entertainment Venues and Shopping Malls, and digital screens at several Sports Stadiums.

Karen Olsen, CEO of MMedia Group, added “Joining the Bitposter platform will enable MMedia Group to provide advertisers and agencies with a new way to purchase our unique Out of Home offerings. Buyers will be able to secure branding and advertising opportunities at a number of UK airports including London Heathrow, as well as buying space on iconic LED screen sites around the UK, such as the Trinity Walk Leeds region screen which reaches in excess of 11.5 million people annually.”

Craig Mytton, Chief Revenue Officer at Bitposter told us “There are a significant number of media owners within the OOH market who are investing heavily in digital and offering new and innovative solutions for buyers. We’re excited to welcome Superspace, MMedia Group and Elonex onto the platform and we are looking forward to helping them drive revenue across all their sites.

“Now we have 30 media owners on the platform we are the largest marketplace within the UK for OOH media inventory. This makes us a vital port of call for any advertiser looking for efficiency and transparency in how they buy OOH media today.”

SuperSpace provide OOH advertising, specialising in digital signs and currently have a variety of digital screens in major UK cities, including Cardiff, London & Glasgow – concentrating on roadside and pedestrian city centre locations. They offer interactive and special campaign opportunities, giving brands a chance to do a complete take-over of their sites and delivering an immersive experience to the intended audience.

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