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B3 Holdings Creates Boohma Technologies

Building on B3’s industry-leading foundation, Boohma Technologies [1] will split from Billups [2] to focus on developing innovative technology and software for the out-of-home industry.

B3 Holdings announced this week the creation of Boohma Technologies, splitting the software and technology company from Billups.

We are told that the split will allow Boohma Technologies to increase their focus on developing and refining their industry-changing software and data services capabilities. Their flagship software, Boohma, will be released later this month, allowing brands, agencies, and other out-of-home specialists access to advanced targeting capabilities, while their data services will allow scaled planning and results measurement. Billups will continue to enjoy a close relationship with BT, incorporating their capabilities into their client services and receiving early access to new features.

Ben Billups told us “We saw an opportunity to create software in an industry that has not changed its practices in the past 30 years. This exploration has lead us to take the next sensible step of spinning off Boohma Technologies into its own company. By creating this new entity focusing on technology, we have limitless opportunity to work with agencies, brands, vendors and even perceived industry competitors in a way we haven’t been able to before.”

In the coming weeks, Boohma Technologies will be launching Boohma OOH planning software and cutting-edge data services

Billups and Boohma Technologies will continue to operate out of their joint headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

B3 Holdings was founded to revolutionize the location-based media world. B3’s services arm, Billups, is an out-of-home media specialist agency that blends art and science to create meaningful visual experiences on a national and global scale. B3’s software arm, Boohma Technologies, aims to accelerate the out-of-home world into a technology-based future by offering cutting-edge software and data services. B3 is also headquartered in Portland, Oregon.