ELAN Media @Quividi Joint Event in Qatar

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ELAN Media recently held a joint event with Quividi at Novo Cinemas, 7 Stars Theater, the Pearl, Qatar in order to announce their partnership and to introduce the new Anonymous Video Analytics technology (AVA) which allows ELAN Media to measure accurately the audience of their DOOH assets in real time.

The event was attended by international creative and media agencies, advertisers of international and local retail brands, and executives of Mall of Qatar & Doha Festival City. Jamie Ball, Chief Operating Officer of ELAN Media and Denis Gaumondie, Chief Marketing Officer of Quividi (shown above) highlighted the benefits of Quividi’s Advanced Audience Measurement technology, now fitted across ELAN Media’s digital MUPIs deployed at MoQ & DFC.

ELAN Media and Quividi also demonstrated an interactive advertising campaign on a digital screen similar to the MUPIs at the malls; where the content of the demo changed depending on the gender and outfit color of the watcher standing in front of the screen.

Jamie Ball told us “We are proud of our partnership with Quividi. Introducing this cutting-edge technology to our clients reinforces ELAN Media’s reputation once more as one of the most innovative media companies in the Middle East region.”
Ball added: “The technology provides numbers and interpretations. For example, since 23rd of April, 2017 until date, we’ve had more than 50.5 million people walking by our assets at MoQ & DFC. We can measure their demographics, how much time they spent in front of the screen, and how much engaged they were with the content of each advertisement”

ELAN Media, a subsidiary of ELAN Group, aims to create an innovative communication landscape using a mix of media channels that engage customers, achieving numerous audience target opportunities effectively and efficiently. ELAN media owns 240 digital screens that include ‘The Iconics’, two 72 sqm digital screens in the Mall of Qatar, the ‘Axis’, a giant 28sqm rotating screen with 360-degree visibility at Doha Festival City, and the ‘Torch’, the largest roadside digital screen in Qatar, in addition to many others.

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