Who Comes Up With These Names?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

1-2-1VIEW have just told us about their exclusive partnership with a digital signage network in the US running in the waiting rooms of automative (car) service centres – it’s a captive audience niche we guess, much like a Kwikfit (independent Exhaust, Tyre, Service Centres) would be in the UK!!!

The name of the network is AutoNetTV, folks who previously had a DVD run network.

Seriously, who puts these names and brands together and more importantly do they make sense or is it just us in the office thinking they sound a bit funny?

About AutoNetTV Network

AutoNetTV is shown in waiting rooms of automotive service centers, entertaining consumers in a relaxing environment. They are introduced to important maintenance services, reinforcing the value provided by the trusted, local service center, AutoNetTV helps it’s service center customers achieve higher ticket average and car count while improving customer satisfaction. Advertising on AutoNetTV is a highly effective way to reach the out-of-home audience. Our viewers welcome our fast-paced, entertaining programming and trust the information we provide. AutoNet TV is committed to editorial independence and providing relevant and useful information to consumers.

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