The MTA Bans Alcohol Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We understand that, decades after removing tobacco related advertisements from its ‘system’, the Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York voted to ban alcohol adverts from its network of commuter rail, subway trains and buses.

The vote we believe took place at its monthly meeting in Lower Manhattan last week.

The move follows months of complaints from organised groups who chastised the board for allowing advertisers to hawk beer, wine and other spirits on a system where young children could be exposed to the messages. Protestors also cited medical research of the harmful effects of teenage drinking they claimed is spurred on in part by the adverts which some say are posted disproportionally along routes that traverse minority neighborhoods.

We estimate that the move will have an economic impact on the MTA’s bottom line of anywhere between USD 2-3 million dollars and comes on the heels of the award of its advertising contract to OUTFRONT Media at its earlier September meeting.

It’s highly like that advertisements booked already will be allowed to run, with the ban proper taking effecting January 1, 2018.

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