BroadSign Announces New Programmatic Audience Package

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

BroadSign International, LLC has announced programmatic buying access for more than 10,000 screens globally. This initial programmatic deployment enables access to 400 million impressions per month via DOOH screens located in healthcare, veterinarian and lifestyle locations, such as shopping malls or near sports complexes.

As part of the launch, BroadSign is also announcing integration with several demand-side platforms (DSPs) and exchanges for its supply-side platform, BroadSign Serv SSP. This integration will enable programmatic and digital media buyers to purchase DOOH inventory from within popular digital ad platforms.

Digital out-of home advertising is expected to grow at 13.3% CAGR to represent $19 billion in annual advertising spend by 2019. Burr Smith, BroadSign CEO told us “Given the breadth and depth of the BroadSign publisher network, which is now in excess of 130,000 screens worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to enable large scale DOOH audience reach programmatically. We are excited to deliver this initial audience package to digital media buyers who previously may not have considered booking DOOH due to the lack of integration with their automated inventory and buying tools.”

The BroadSign Health and Lifestyle Audience Package, the first of many audience segments to become available, enables advertisers to reach more than 400 million impressions per month and is customizable by point of interest, DMA, time of day, and a number of other demographic variables. US specialty locations include:

Medical clinics, dental offices and pharmacies
Pet care and veterinarian clinics
Retail stores and shopping malls
Business and leisure travelers
Daily commuters
Entertainment and sporting events

Through integration with popular DSPs and exchanges, programmatic media buyers will be able to transact DOOH media buys right from within their existing trading platforms. To facilitate this process, BroadSign is pleased to announce completed and in-process integrations with OutMoove, Platform 161, Rubicon Project, and Splicky.

Just as digital is transforming the OOH industry, programmatic buying will transform the way buyers and sellers transact DOOH inventory. Chris Waterman, Head of DOOH at Rubicon Project told us “Rubicon Project is excited to provide its unparalleled marketplace capabilities to all of BroadSign’s partners through this integration. Today’s announcement is a step forward in Rubicon Project’s mission to provide premium supply for all its buying partners”.

The BroadSign marketing platform includes BroadSign Core for content distribution, playback and proof of performance, BroadSign Serv Direct for sales inventory availability and proposal generation, and BroadSign Serv SSP a customized programmatic DOOH solution that enables programmatic transactions of DOOH inventory.

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