You Will Buy Me…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“You will buy me” screamed the cover of this month’s UK Wired magazine, no we won’t we inwardly said to ourselves as we skimmed through the magazine at the newsagents without buying it!!

We looked forward to the launch issue but after buying and reading that, vowed we wouldn’t again but bought the second issue on a whim and then vowed “never again” !!!

Even the article ‘The new hidden persuaders‘ which makes mention of both Quividi and TruMedia could not get us to part with our cash.

David Rowan writes poorly, especially getting much of what Quividi and TruMedia claim to do wrong – there is even a glaringly wrong caption on a picture of an (anonymous) digital 6-sheet that claims it’s one of “Tru-Medi’s Digital Signs“.

Perhaps it is not only us that thinks every time Quividi and TruMedia open their mouths and speak to journalists the wrong message comes back!

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  1. Digital Signage Privacy Says:

    The Wired article you link to above does not mention TruMedia or Quividi. I assume the article you meant to link to is entitled “When advertising gets in your face,” and is available here:–you.aspx

    The article explains how digital signage facial recognition cameras can detect the age, race and gender of individual consumers. While it details the serious privacy issues that this technology raises, the article goes to some pains to point out that the systems don’t yet store personal information.

    So what, specifically, is inaccurate about the way this article describes Quividi and TruMedia?

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