TargetCast Grows And Its Device Gets A Patent

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TargetCast Networks, Inc. (TCN) whose tag line is ‘America’s Away From Home Television Network!’ announced Monday the receipt of a U.S. Patent and the signing of strategic partner agreements with OnSite Sports LLC and Rivals Media LLC in order to develop SportScape – a network for independent sports bars and restaurants.

The business methods patent covers the combination of a digital signal with a video signal, on television screens, for marketing to consumers – TCN developed the breakthrough technology that enables venue operators to create and post their own branded messages directly on TV screens their bar and restaurant customers are already watching.

These 15-second venue promotional spots alternate with national and local ads approximately every two minutes delivering a Nielsen Measured audience with an exceptional advertising recall and purchase influence scores.

TargetCast is also on its way to its first 1,000 locations (currently 705 sites) in the casual dining sector – Applebee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, Chili’s, Hooter’s, and other regional brands currently reach something like 1.57M viewers weekly according to Nielsen Media Research.

Jerry Hall, President, CEO of the San Ramon, California company told us “TCN’s unique ability to engage real television viewers watching real sports, entertainment, and news programming while they are away from their homes and ‘watching with their wallets out’ is a powerful opportunity for a wide variety of marketers to reach, influence, and measure results”

TCN’s partnership agreements with sports bar service OnSite Sports LLC and Rivals Media LLC, Des Moines, IA (a national group of amusement and music distributors to over 100,000 venues) is also interesting – together these three companies are developing the sports bar segment with TargetCast Networks leading the advertising sales and marketing and providing its patented technology and technical services to enable the network.

The SportScape network installations are underway and the partnership plans a significant footprint in the key football markets beginning in Q-3 2009, and continuing throughout the balance of the year to include the top US media markets.

3 Responses to “TargetCast Grows And Its Device Gets A Patent”

  1. J. Woolsey Says:


    Are you saying TargetCast will be delivering a digital message into a Television broadcast by interrupting the single feed and pushing a digital ad that would otherwise generate advertising revenue for the Networks?

    J. Woolsey

  2. Jerry Hall Says:

    The TargetCaster does not interrupt, interfere, replace, or alter any television programming or advertising delivered by a network.

    The device simply re sizes the screen–without changing the aspect ratio–and then delivers a full-motion, flash like media unit around the edge of the screen.

    The viewer’s experience is not interrupted and channel selection, volume, etc remain the same.

    A brief demo can be found at

  3. J. Woolsey Says:


    Had an opportunity to visit the site, impressive! Looks rock solid and very clean for a Spirit & Beverage ROI.

    Best regards,

    J. Woolsey Jr.

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