Integrated Contiki Campaign Sends More Students Packing

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A campaign that tapped into the university market through integrating Out Of Home advertising with native content delivered Contiki a three-fold increase in bookings.

The campaign to push Contiki’s 2018 European packages included customised creative based on time and day running on Locate by oOh!’s Study digital screens across 99 university campuses nationally, coupled with a three-part native content series on Uni Junkee that was amplified on the panels and via Facebook.

The native content developed by the Uni Junkee team was based around mid-year breaks, money, hacks, bucket lists and experiences. These were published online, amplified on social and republished on Study.

Group Director of Locate by oOh! Adam Cadwallader said the combination of the two channels worked well in targeting University Students in a contextually relevant way. “Our recent Y Gen Z are Next report shows university students are today benefiting from the access economy, with 27 per cent earning more than $30,000 per annum through jobs with the Ubers, Deliveroos and Airtaskers of the world,” Mr Cadwallader said. The report shows they save 14 per cent of their earnings for travel and 25 per cent travel overseas at least once a year. We also know from our access to Quantium data that university students are more likely to spend across key travel segments than the average Australian. The combination of time of day creative on screens in environments where students congregate for a significant amount of time and the great content on the increasingly popular Uni Junkee generated 300 percent more student bookings for Contiki compared to the previous month.”

The campaign, which was supported by a trackable offer only advertised on Study to enable Contiki to attribute sales growth, also delivered other powerful brand metrics in excess of the client KPIs for the campaign that ended in August, including:

  • 924,000 campaign impressions via the Study screens
  • A campaign footfall of 2.6 million via the Study screens
  • Social reach of more than 420,000
  • More than 27,000 page views with an average time on page of 2:46 minutes,
  • Over 2,500 shares of Uni Junkee’s native content.

Contiki’s Head of Marketing, Vanessa Stavrou, said “This campaign exceeded our expectations. While we knew the activity would get us in front of our core customer, we were also pleased to see it deliver such strong commercial results driving from engagement to conversion. Our strategic approach was to target campuses where our demographic profiling showed high intent to travel, with a unique trackable offer. Not only did we see uplift in sales of 300% during the campaign period, we also noted a halo effect post campaign with sales still up year on year and only a 36% drop after the campaign ended.”

oOh! is a leading operator in Australia and New Zealand’s fast-growing Out Of Home advertising industry. They create deep engagement between people and brands through Unmissable location-based media solutions. Their portfolio is unparalleled, with a diverse set of static and digital signs across roadside, retail, airport and place based media offering in CBD office towers, cafés, fitness venues, bars and universities. They combine this extensive reach with sophisticated data, industry leading insights and world leading digital innovation, integrating their physical inventory with experiential, social and mobile online channels to provide clients with greater connections with consumers.

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