Wrapify Partners w/ @Mira_Analytics and Barometric

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Wrapify, the technology-based marketing platform that provides brands with the ability to measure and scale ads on vehicles, this week announced a new partnership with respected attribution companies Mira and Barometric to yield better insights from the campaigns displayed by their vehicles.

Wrapify is piloting three distinct features powered by Mira and Barometric in public beta nationwide:

  • Physical Retargeting – The ability to retarget the audience exposed to wrapped vehicles
  • Offline-to-Online Attribution – The ability to attribute wrapped vehicle exposures to online engagement and conversion
  • Retail Foot-traffic Attribution – The ability to measure in-store foot-traffic lift resulting from wrapped vehicle exposure

Wrapify CEO James Heller describes his business as the hybrid platform that closes the gap between digital and digital out-of-homeand told us “Providing this kind of data granularity while allowing brands to extend their digital footprint from OOH exposure is a big step towards understanding how Wrapify impressions ripple outward”.

Mira and Barometric will work with Wrapify to better identify and connect with consumers and their devices, through public and private data the OOH tech company has assembled and aggregated. 
Mira says it has pioneered the process of ‘Crowd Analytics’ which allows them to optimize Digital OOH based on a real time audience and measure the effectiveness of Digital and Static campaigns. Barometric , MRC-accredited provider of the industry’s most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution, combines both online and offline tracking to provide a singular view of ad performance. Barometric’s proprietary technology attributes exposures from Wrapify vehicles to all conversion environments. 

Mira’s CEO Jonathan Frangakis said “Barometric has redefined attribution and Wrapify has built an incredible ad platform that is helping to advance the way the OOH industry thinks. We’re glad to bring our brand of analytics to the equation. We have the best solution for stationary OOH inventory, but no one has cracked the code around inventory that moves yet. This is a true first-of-its-kind solution.”

Anthony Iacovone, CEO and President of Barometric said “We are excited to team up with such a revolutionary, on-vehicle ad company like Wrapify. Wrapify is a great platform to amplify offline advertising and marketing initiatives and we are proud to supplement that with our holistic, comprehensive tracking and reporting platform”.

Through Wrapify’s technology, it connects drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising, impressions and real-time data insights. Wrapify is live in 30+ US markets and has 60,000+ registered drivers on the platform nationwide.

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