A Bolder, Brighter @Broadsign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

When the idea for Broadsign was born 14 years ago, their founding goal was simple: to make it easy to play content on screens. For those of you who know Broadsign, either as a competitor or as a user, you will know that it has evolved into so much more.

With DOOH’s incredible growth and as the entire out of home industry continues its upward trend, Broadsign are continuing to evolve as well, with new, innovative approaches to not only manage and deliver content to screens around the world, but also to make it easier for publishers and agencies to buy and sell digital advertising inventory.

Revealed today, we are also seeing a new look Broadsign – starting with a new logo.

Broadsign marketing co-ordinator Ashley Larbalestier told us “With us from day one, we could never part with our traditional blue and red. Our new logo is a twist on those colours and an homage to our roots. We also dropped the capital ‘S’ in our brand name for a smoother, more modern look.”

We are told that their logo is only the beginning, and we now have the details below of some fresh product names.

The Broadsign platform enables DOOH publishers, agencies and brands to connect with audiences by sharing their stories and messages across the globe. Broadsign are evolving from a single product company into a multi-product platform and they’ve updated their product names to better reflect what each of them helps you do.

  • Broadsign Control (Formerly known as BroadSign Core) Lighting up the world starts with empowering their customers to light up their screens. Digital signage software is the core of their platform – hence the original name – yet what it really is, is a way for you to take full control of your network to deliver the most innovative, engaging content to global audiences.
  • Broadsign Direct (Formerly known as BroadSign Serv Direct) With real-time insight into your network’s availability and quick proposal generation, DOOH sales teams can better direct their success by closing more deals and maximizing their direct sales revenue.
  • Broadsign Reach (Formerly known as BroadSign Serv SSP) DOOH media owners and publishers can now reach new programmatic media buyers with their SSP. And online or mobile media buyers can now leverage the power of DOOH to reach more consumers than ever before, right from within their existing ad buying platform.

Ashley Larbalestier added “While we have made a few changes to our brand, and with more exciting surprises to come, some things are definitely here to stay: our commitment to quality, our talented team and our passion for taking the DOOH industry to new heights. From reading a blog post on our website to meeting us at industry events, our goal is that every interaction you have with us is part of the bold, contemporary, modern era of DOOH that we’re striving towards.”

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