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High Ratings For CARE Media Holding’s Three TV Networks

A new Arbitron report show high ratings for CARE Media Holding’s three television networks and shows that ‘reception room programming’ is becomingly an increasingly valuable marketing and informational resource for consumers.

CARE Media Holdings Inc. is reaching an estimated consumer audience of over 3,500,000 visitors per month to doctors’ offices across the US through their networks PetCARE TVTM, KidCARE TVR, and Women’s HealthCARE TVTM.

According to independent media and marketing research firm, Arbitron Inc. (April 2009), a vast majority of visitors notice CARE Media television networks and think positively about what they see and with an average wait-time of 17 minutes whilst being exposed to CARE Media programming, the Arbitron study found that: –

Again according to the survey, after viewing the CARE Media programming, consumers recalled advertisements for the following: –

Another nice piece of Arbitron research which will help many in the captive audience space.