Cannes Adopts @BigBellySolar Smart Waste Management System

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Cannes has adopted the Bigbelly system, initially deployed as a trial in early 2016. Since then, it has been helping keep the Cannes, France boardwalk clean for visitors from near and far. Most recently, the City of Cannes expanded their deployment with Bigbelly’s smart waste and recycling system along the boardwalk and pedestrian-heavy streetscapes in the city center and along the coast.

The Bigbelly system provides total waste containment on the Cannes boardwalk – keeping windblown litter at bay and seagulls away. In addition, it introduces on-street recycling with double smart stations with one for trash and one for recycling noted with the yellow hopper. Cannes collection crews collected waste bins anywhere from 14 to 40 times per week depending on the season and currently are collecting only an average of 2.7 times per week – that is over an 80% reduction in collection requirements thanks to the increased capacity.

Cannes is using Bigbelly to…

Keep waste out of the water
Remove seagull access to trash
Reduce litter on boardwalks and neighborhoods
Capturing the large volumes of trash, especially in the tourist areas
Reduce required collections by over 80%
Add recycling in public spaces

Most importantly, this smart waste management program contributes to the Cannes Mayor David Lisnard’s deep motivation to improve the living environment for his residents – enhanced quality of life with an emphasis on reducing collection vehicle congestion and pollution. The Mayor has embraced this smart city solution that leads to operational savings.

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