#NRF2018 Innovation Lounge

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Same as last year, the #NRF2018 Innovation Lounge, is a great place to start if you are interested in, easily and quickly getting a snapshot of some of the innovation, and a fair few of the startups happening now in the retail space.

In our world, we were pleased to see Josh Grinnan and his team from Glass-Media again (we last saw them at #Infocomm17 on the NEC Display Solutions stand). They have a prominent position at the entrance to the Innovation Lounge (and you can see their offering also high above the entrance top left).

Two charming Russian ladies, with the MOST beautiful English, and accents that do not give any hint to their Russian roots) are senior execs at a startup CAPPASITY based in Santa Clara and are there demonstrating some of the best and most applicable #AR content we’ve seen.

Nice to see former Quividi Mitch Wade, now with Sentient who are doing back office e-commerce #AI stuff but with rumours of a possible signage solution being bolted onto it all shortly.

Argentinian startup Kimetric seem to do what Admobiize and Quividi do. Well worth taking a look though – however I see no value in ‘sentiment analysis’; angry, sad, happy etc. Not sure how accurate it is either cos’ I am always ANGRY and it didn’t show when I looked at it.

Loved FIT3D which is an all over body scanner (apart from one area). I can see these being rolled out in clothing stores. Seemed very accurate, especially as it detected I could be a Brad Pitt body double (ok, it didn’t).

facenote.me was interesting and claim some uses in Miami Fl. I am not sure it is anything that Quividi couldn’t or doesn’t do but the #selfie bit was a clever use of it and was opt-in.

Lastly, Spacee, was our favourite so far. Their hw and sw tech combined with any good projector created a very clever touch and animation table. This is something you reallly ought to go see!

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