STRATACACHE Transforming #NRF2018 Booth into Immersive Store Environment

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

STRATACACHE have created a next generation retail store environment in booth #2074 at #NRF2018 – hopefully giving retailers an immersive look at how marketing technology improves every aspect of the retail engagement. Each experience is represented in unique ‘departments’ throughout the booth, and they all have a common goal — using marketing technology, sensors and artificial intelligence to directly improve the in-store experience from the customer, the retailer and the brand’s points of view.

The back wall of the booth features a persona-building visualization technology demonstration and highlights STRATACACHE’s real-time analytics capabilities, strengthened by last year’s acquisition of the Walkbase in-store marketing and analytics platform. “Shopper insights and analytics play a key part in enhancing and personalizing a measurable customer experience, empowering retailers to counter the deep intelligence competitors like Amazon use to compete,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/ad tech companies. “In the ‘back office’ retailers will get a look into the analytics behind the solutions running on the show floor and how applying that knowledge lets them close the loop on marketing campaigns and sales conversion data — better serving their shoppers through relevant personalization.”

Highlighted solutions in the ‘departments’ include:

  • Automotive: Finding the right automotive part for their vehicle’s make and model can be a challenge for shoppers. This solution delivers a smarter experience by using audience intelligence to pre-populate the shopper’s preferred vehicle brand in the solution, then guiding them through the process of quickly, easily identifying and locating the correct item.
  • Cafe: Ordering – and waiting for! – coffee is as entertaining as it is efficient with our cafe experience. Shoppers use a tablet to send baristas their gourmet coffee order and take a selfie, which pops up on displays when their order is ready for pick up. Guests are entertained while waiting by using tablets to play a quick, fun game on large format screens behind the counter.
  • Fashion: As brand value and sense of community become increasingly relevant and important to shoppers, digital can play a pivotal role in conveying the message. This solution invites shoppers to learn more about quality and the brand story by interacting with the apparel, which triggers embedded sensors to display detailed apparel information on a nearby display.
  • Electronics: Two experiences are featured in this department, highlighting guided selling strategies for high-end specialty products. Shoppers control the product discovery process, either filtering choices or building their personal search criteria, to learn about the complex features of the department’s consumer electronics.
  • Wellness: Our in-aisle wellness center provides shoppers with a convenient way to navigate the medicine aisle and quickly identify the most appropriate OTC medications for their needs. Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, shoppers select their symptoms and medication preferences, and are presented with a list of relevant OTC results and detailed medication information as well as the option to receive the results via text message.

Additional booth solutions include a ‘lift and learn’ beauty solution with automated upsell; the STRATACACHE LIFT checkout platform, which personalizes offers based on real-time purchase data; a convenience- and upsell-focused order pick-up kiosk; a drive thru pharmacy ‘wait time’ display, featuring personalized messages driven by integrated vision tech and the retailer’s app; and the STRATACACHE Step Challenge, which leverages and displays fitness tracker data in real time.

It’s not too late to click here to request a booth tour.

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