World’s Largest HD Screen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you are going to make the world’s largest HD screen with LED (BTW it’s improbable that you could ever make it out of anything else at this point in time) the issue you are going to have is that in order to make it full-HD (i.e. 1080p) you need 1,080 lines of vertical resolution and the only way you can do that with LED is to make it very, very tall and have the smallest affordable pixel pitch.

Well, Mitsubishi have done it and better still sold it, here we say a 22 meter high by 49 meter wide 20mm LED screen at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.


The new Dallas Cowboys stadium was officially opened on May 27th giving the public its first glimpse of the astonishing USD 40 million aerial video screen system supplied by Mitsubishi Electric.

Jerry Jones, owner and general manager, Dallas Cowboys Football Club said “One of the central design elements of our new stadium is our centre-hung video board. This unique feature will be an iconic symbol of our building for years to come”

There are several new displays in the arena, all of which will allow fans on any level of the stadium to easily view the action – creating a premium on the value of the upper-level seats.

Mark Foster, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision Systems in the US told us “This was one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever been involved with. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most innovative teams in the NFL, and their new stadium reflects that. These video boards are the realisation of the Joneses’ commitment to their fans and the sport.”

Mitsubishi Electric is also providing a fully integrated scoring system, content management and playback system, game timers, delay of game clocks, locker room clocks and ticket window displays.

The new Cowboys Stadium’s Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision LEDerAd ribbon LED boards will be powered by ANC Sports Enterprises VisionSOFT operating system and ANC Design, a division of ANC Sports will create LED animations, graphics, advertisements and statistical templates for the LED fascia system for the 2009 National Football League season.

7 Responses to “World’s Largest HD Screen”

  1. luis Says:

    That is like the one I am buying for my living room….

  2. Eric Says:

    Funny how everyone puts so much importance into this “full-HD” term. Makes me happy I’m in marketing and can just throw these terms to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    If you look at the # of pixels compared to the screen size, 1080p is of extremely low definition. The screen at the Comcast Center is 10 megapixel, 5 times greater than this “full-HD” stuff you guys like talking about. Am I misreading this post or missing something? Isn’t 22mm pitch old-school LED tech? They have 4mm these days..

  3. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Eric, 4mm is better than 20mm but inordinately more expensive and you wouldn’t need such expense when the screen is so far away from viewers. You are confusing the LED technology (the mm dot pitch) and the number of lines that are needed to be full-HD.

    Using LED you would need 1080 horizontal lines of diodes. You can do that with 4mm or 20mm and you can do the math yourself to work out how high the screen would need to be with either.

  4. jim simpson Says:

    Hey, when is it my turn to hold the remote?

  5. J. Woolsey Says:


    You also have to consider indoor and outdoor use when talking about LED’s, as the 4MM is for indoor use only and 16MM is for today, best in class for outdoor LED resolution.


    J. Woolsey

  6. Eric Says:

    Hi J., Adrian, my comment was not on the fact that its cheaper to use 20mm, or anything regarding pixel pitch or LED use. It was purely an observation on the use of the term full-HD for hype. Anyway, curious to see it in action, should be impressive

  7. Kyle Porter Says:

    What does anyone know about other displays and digital signage throughout the Cowboys Stadium (ie. suites, concessions, retail apparel, pee-time, locker room, etc)…who are the vendors and what are the features? Thanks!

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