In Miami @CiviqScapes Terminates Its Contract

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It has taken a little over a year for the Miami-Dade <> CIVIQ Smartscapes partnership to implement a fully integrated smart city ecosystem throughout Miami Dade to fall apart. Announced in January 2017 but leaked with a nice Intel product brochure a month or so earlier, the Miami Today newspaper broke the news that CIVIQ Smartscapes LLC recently gave notice to terminate the contract.

The contract spelled out minimum and maximum numbers of devices that would be manufactured, set timelines for when they were to be installed, and said that after a specific period, if the parties could not agree on locations, either could terminate the contract. It was under this clause that CIVIQ Smartscapes was able to terminate without penalties.

Angel Petisco, director of Miami-Dade’s Information Technology Department was quoted as saying “They sent me on January 10 a notice of termination letter that we were supposed to be … at the first 150 locations, and we were unable to do that”. He continued “Subsequent to that, I sent them a letter acknowledging their termination request and the contract has fallen through at this point”.

Miami-Dade county is now likely to look for a new supplier and issue a further RFP.

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