Boomerang Media Expand Playhouse Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Boomerang Media are expanding their UK playhouse network, with the installation of additional digital 6-sheet posters, taking their estate to 100 digital sites.

The playhouse network has now increased to 230 sites in total, giving access to 863,000 children and 575,000 parents every two weeks.

The playhouse network includes soft play centres; trampoline parks offering dodgeball, basketball and parkour; Clip ‘n’ Climb; high ropes, gymnastic centres and one of the leading children’s activity centres – Kidzania, Westfield. As well as an increased footfall of families, advertisers can now reach children and teens of all ages with 21% aged 10+.

All in all, table-talkers, leaflets and digital and static posters are used to take advantage of the 90 minute dwell time, with 6-sheets raising awareness and the ambient formats allowing effective communication of the product’s benefits.

The playhouse network allows brands to reach parents and children in a fun, positive environment at a time when they are highly receptive to advertising.

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