oOh!media Provides More OOH Campaign Transparency w/ Seedooh

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

oOh!media is now providing advertisers with independent reporting of Classic and Dynamic campaigns on its Road, Retail and Fly inventory following the successful integration of the Seedooh cloud-based platform.

Chief Executive Officer Brendon Cook said after significant resource support by oOh! to assist Seedooh’s product development, it was now giving clients free access to the independent and transparent tool to supplement existing reporting. He told us “With the revelations around serious mis-reporting by some within the online space, we recognised it was important to be at the pinnacle of transparency even before any questions were asked,” Mr Cook said. “After all, clients rightfully deserve peace of mind that they are getting what they pay for. Instead of using our highly experienced in-house technology team to build our own solution, we decided to add support to an independent business with global aspirations to deliver an unencumbered and transparent reporting methodology for our clients”.

The Seedooh cloud-based platform provides secure campaign delivery reporting for both dynamic and classic Out Of Home formats and is a worldwide first of its kind.

The design and development of Seedooh included an initial phase in consultation with leading global Out Of Home agencies and media owners, followed by a deep technical integration and rigorous testing with Australian market leader, oOh!media.

Head of Partnerships, Outdoor and Audio at Omnicom, Jo Dick has welcomed oOh! using Seedooh to bring independent verification of audience delivery, “Anything that drives greater transparency and rigour for our clients’ investment will only help fuel further growth for the Outdoor sector. Seedooh, gives us access to accurate, automated, transparent and data driven reporting that shows when a campaign ran, what time of day it ran and for how long. This not only enables us to better measure effectiveness but also helps us determine how we can further optimise our clients’ campaigns”.

Brendon Cook said the company was now working towards integrating Seedooh across the Locate by oOh! portfolio including to offer reporting on its office, university, cafe, gym and venue products from June this year.

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