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AdMobilize Now Targeting Europe & Middle East

Founded in 2012 and following three years of R&D, AdMobilize burst onto the scene in 2015 at the OAAA/TAB Conference and Expo in San Diego; its growth since then has been nothing short of spectacular.

AdMobilize’s technology is now being used in 404 cities in 75 countries, and the company is constantly adding new products/services. In addition to its headquarters in Miami, where most of the 32 engineers of its approximately 40 staff are located, there are now offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogota, Colombia; and London, U.K. – with the latter soon to have several staff additions.

Back in 2015, Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO, who co-founded the company with Brian Sanchez, CTO, said, “The company was born to solve how to quantify real world physical space data and how it converges to the online smart grid.”

At the time, people were beginning to tune in to what beacons could offer, and when AdMobilize showed its beacon that contained a camera for compiling data on the viewer, an on-board processor, Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi connection and advanced object algorithms, his statement began to make sense. AdMobilize’s beacon could plug into any digital billboard or traditional poster, and connected to an app and Wi-Fi, it converted to a smart hub. It could initially recognize facial expressions, emotions, objects.

That was then. Today it can also recognize vehicles, vehicle traffic, crowds, and gestures, with more products on the horizon. AdMobilize has developed what Saccoman claims is the most advanced and flexible machine learning platform in the Out-of-Home industry. New models will be released by end of Q2, including recognition of glasses, facial hair, logos, and uniqueness of visitor.

Its offerings have enticed numerous companies to partner with AdMobilize, including NanoLumens, Adams Outdoor Advertising & Fairway Outdoor Advertising, Elemidia and several other companies in Brazil,, SmartLink, Signagelive, Ayuda Media Systems, and recently, MediaMea.

“Admobilize’s technology is great for Ayuda clients because, in addition to the indoor measurement and analytics capabilities that are available from other reputable providers, Admobilize allows Ayuda’s clients to track vehicular traffic from the Point-of-View of the billboard,” says Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s vice-president, marketing & business development. “Considering Ayuda’s position in the Outdoor and large format digital billboard sub section of this space, this has demonstrated to be very attractive to our client base. And Admobilize is always open to discussing how to adapt its technology and enhance it as new use-cases come up from the field.

“Our programmatic offering to the market heavily relies on data. Data is key. Data comes from a variety of sources including AdMobilize, Quividi, beacons, and clients, and once we have a solid understanding of the data, we help our clients use the various parts of Ayuda’s platform to effectively generate compelling and dynamically data driven campaigns.”

AdMobilize’s clients include such companies as Procter & Gamble, Havas, Verizon, Magellan Technologies and many more. Its ability to recognize vehicles and vehicle traffic has become particularly interesting to automobile manufacturers.

There are many advantages that AdMobilize ‘s infrastructure offers. For example, MediaEdge wasn’t happy with an earlier technology it used to judge the gender, age and other features of Asian faces. It was getting only 40% accuracy. But, says Saccoman, with AdMobilize’s technology, it saw accuracy jump to 90%.

Saccoman’s varied background prior to launching AdMobilize included trading stocks at Morgan Stanley; heading The Breakers’ innovation and digital transformation, creating complex yield management systems and guest-centric marketing technologies; and co-founding (with his psychologist brother) My Therapy Journal. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and passable Italian. That helped greatly in the company’s growth in South America and is likely going to help as the company now sets its eyes on further growth in Europe and the Middle East. His team members speak 10 languages between them.

“That helps with customer service, because people see how much you care, and our people live by that thinking,” says Saccoman.

“We exhibited at ISE for the first time this year and were so crowded with interested visitors that having a team of five there to explain and answer questions wasn’t enough,” he says, “We’ll be back there, for sure. It’s a show attended by CEOs and top decision makers so the quality of the conversations was great.

“Our targeting Europe is the reason we are expanding our UK office. We have a goal of having an office on every continent. We are already working with AVT, our distributor in Australia.”

MATRIX Labs is part of AdMobilize. With customers trying to incorporate potential uses of Artificial Intelligence, AdMobilize has begun to integrate its MATRIX-branded products from MATRIX Labs – MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice – into Admobilize offerings. MATRIX Voice is a development platform enabling clients to incorporate voice recognition into their offerings.

AdMobilize was recently selected to be part of the Arm Innovator Program, a recognition of the advancements of its AI technology in enhancing developers globally.

The company has also become a member of the DPAA.

“The DPAA and its leadership is very forward thinking with its connections to brands and how the various operations within the industry play out,” says Saccoman. “I think that the industry will experience a renaissance of growth – and Admobilize will be in the middle of it. The industry has been awakening to the power of Digital Out-of-Home.”