Tinc Celebrates Royal Baby Arrival in Real-time Thru’ Nexus Full Motion Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One of the UK’s top school stationary providers, Tinc Stationary, have celebrated the birth of the third royal baby in real-time through their topical digital campaign across Admedia Nexus – Admedia’s full motion D48 network that connects the UK’s top 50 conurbations across Motorway Service Areas.

Jos Baker, CEO, Tinc told us “Tinc are thrilled to celebrate the recent birth of the royal baby through a relevant and timely family-targeted campaign. Being able to react so quickly to the recent royal announcement through Admedia Nexus’s flexible digital network meant our full motion campaign was contextual, tactical and exciting to our core UK family audience.”

The (female/male) focused campaign included an announcement message congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which went live across the digital network within two minutes of the official royal baby birth announcement on Monday.

The clever creative that tied the topical royal baby news with Tinc’s male/female stationary range, was activated across 50 screens Motorway Service Areas nationwide to ensure the campaign reached a large national audience, while utilising Admedia Nexus’s real-time full motion digital capabilities.

With 8.5 million motorists stopping every week, Motorway Service Areas directly reaches a key Family audience as well as SME, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure, Motoring and CTN.

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