Open Display Ambassador Program Launched by @AdSemble

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Similar to how anyone can deliver food for DoorDash or provide rides for Uber or Lyft, AdSemble is now offering an opportunity to anyone interested in earning some extra money in a rather unique and hopefully, recurring way.

Those who sign up will become ambassadors that promote AdSemble’s Open Display platform to companies, businesses and anyone who wants to advertise on digital billboards. AdSemble’s Open Display Ambassador program provides the training along with a unique promo code for users to be able to teach others how to use the new Open Display platform. When a client uses the ambassador’s promo code to set up their out-of-home advertising, not only does the ambassador earn a commission on the first sale, but they also earn a commission on every subsequent sale for the next 12 months.

Matthew Olivieri, founder and CEO of AdSemble told us “We are excited to offer this completely new spin on the concept of a side job. Why only be compensated for one act, such as delivering food or driving someone from point A to point B? We see a bigger, greater opportunity to reward our new AdSemble Open Display Ambassadors with residual income for every account they sign up”.

In an era where consumers often utilize ad-blockers and DVRs to avoid ads and reduce their effectiveness, AdSemble specializes in digital out-of-home advertising that reaches consumers “on the go” to ensure that a company’s target audience can be reached. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, revenue for out-of-home advertising hit an all-time high of $7.6 billion in 2016 and has grown in every single quarter for the past 28 quarters. It is an effective way to market a brand and promote their message.

AdSemble Open Display is the first platform available that allows clients to harness the power, reach and scale of high-definition digital billboards to instantly advertise to hundreds of thousands of people. All potential clients need to do is set a weekly budget and upload their ad and their advertisements are ready to go live. The client’s weekly budget will determine how many impressions they receive, but at a minimum, their ad will display on one billboard each week.

Clients can also be sure that their marketing campaigns are making an impact. AdSemble also offers a Digital Billboard Performance report, which gives clients an overview of where the ad appears, photographic proof of its display and the total number of impressions.

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