Brazil’s Sao Paulo Metro Gets @AdMobilize

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Demonstrating the broad range of markets its technology serves, AdMobilize last week announced that its AI-powered Audience Analytics System has been integrated into new interactive subway deployed at three subway stations on the Yellow Line of the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil. Over one million passengers travel the Yellow Line every day.

According to AdMobilize CEO & Co-Founder Rodolfo Saccoman, the incorporation of the AdMobilize anonymous Audience Analytics Solution into the subway system’s new interactive doors will provide ViaQuatro, the company responsible for the new interactive doors, with an advertising platform that also delivers detailed data on the amount of people who watch the displayed advertising as well as their emotional responses while doing so. The screens of the doors are also being used to provide travelers with updated news and information.

He told us “The AdMobilize system quantifies the number of people standing in front of the doors along with their gender, age, dwell time, and facial emotion analysis. These expressions include happiness, surprise, neutrality, and dissatisfaction, among others. The traditionally used historical-based proof-of-performance data is incomplete and highly inaccurate. Thus, advertisers are quickly embracing AI-built analytics in order to dynamically change their ads and reliably understand the true impact of their advertising.”

AdMobilize technologies are now deployed in 82 countries and 469 cities around the world, making its analytics platform the defacto standard for this kind of transportation project.

ViaQuatro is the concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of Line 4-Yellow of the Sao Paulo subway, the first public-private partnership agreement in Brazil. The contract with the Government of the State of São Paulo, signed on November 29, 2006, allows the concessionaire to operate and maintain the Line 4-Yellow subway for 30 years. ViaQuatro has invested US $450 million between systems, equipment and trains. Over the 30 years of operation, it will invest more than US $2 billion in the line.

The system was installed by H2A.NET, a leading systems integration firm that is focused on delivering innovative and effective IT solutions by simplifying the use of technology and delivering differentiated projects. Inviron Technologies powers the CMS system deployed in the installation.

The AdMobilize Audience Analytics solution can track real-time ad performance and customer engagement; segment campaigns and content by hour and site; target content by both audience demographic and emotion; and optimize store traffic flow; amongst much more. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud-based dashboard (real-time in less than 15 milliseconds) or API that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make any necessary adjustments to the displayed content.

A growing number of partnerships with third-party companies is fueling the adoption of AdMobilize solutions in North America and, increasingly, around the world. Last year alone, AdMobilize entered into a dozen partnerships with a broad range of companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Australia, and beyond. In fact, AdMobilize now has relationships in place with more than 125 companies that span virtually every major vertical market.

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