Future Street Ltd. & @BigBellySolar Strategic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bigbelly, Inc. and Future Street Ltd. this week announced a strategic partnership to support the international growth of theBigbelly smart waste and recycling system.

Bigbelly has signed a multi-region license agreement with Future Street Ltd. (based in Dublin, Ireland) to deliver a multimillion dollar investment in sales and marketing programs, business development initiatives, regional event participation, and localized strategic operational supports in developing the Bigbelly business across Europe and the Middle East.

Brian Phillips, Bigbelly CEO told us “This marks a momentous time for Bigbelly. Our agreement is based on a long-standing partnership and proven success of Future Street’s team enabling customers to reap the benefits of our smart waste system. This partnership will elevate the worldwide presence of the Bigbelly brand and product, and deliver overall smart waste system market visibility and penetration in a number of key international locations.”

Taking advantage of the rapidly growing global footprint, the partnership will directly impact business in many key markets such as Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, as well as the Middle East and additional territories in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Don Coughlan, Future Street CEO said “We look forward to providing strategic financial, sales, marketing, and operational support as well as bringing years of experience in Bigbelly market development to bolster the growth in adoption of the Bigbelly system in markets around the world”.

Future Street Ltd. is funded by the Beauparc Utility Group which has revenues of over €400 million and own and operate leading utility businesses spanning sectors such as domestic and commercial waste management; renewable energy supply; recycling collection and processing; logistics; green fuels and energy recovery.

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