X2O Media Release Version 6.7

Andrew Neale

X2O Media has announced the release of version 6.7 of its X2O Platform, an update with several new features and enhancements to its visual communications solution that, we are told, can significantly improve communications throughout the enterprise.

It’s easy to overlook that an important part of the the X2O platform offering is that it manages the creation and delivery of business data, video and graphics-rich content to virtual training rooms, employee desktops and mobile devices, as well as the more traditional digitial signage panels and displays.

The update is X2O’s first as part of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/marketing technology companies, following STRATACACHE’s acquisition of the company earlier this year.

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE told us “Companies today are drowning in a sea of data – important measurement metrics that have the potential to immediately impact business objectives. It’s indigestible. The strength of X2O Media’s technology is in simplifying the access to that stream of data and the simplicity of the presentation, seeing the live comparison and answering the questions ‘Are we improving? Where and why?'”

From extending the web portal to supporting additional languages and getting important notifications and messages directly in the workspace, users are provided more important information at their fingertips. In addition, campaign and asset management has been improved to enable faster access to important functions. Finally, more information is available to third party integrators with regards to the player status, allowing for better understanding of the players’ operational environment.

Updates to platform version 6.7 include the following highlights:

  • Communications to X2O Portal users: The server administrator can now broadcast messages to keep portal users informed about planned maintenance events, system upgrades and scheduled downtime. In addition, the customer administrator can control if emails are automatically sent to new users and customize the email content as needed.
  • New localization features: Extending the existing language choices of English and French for label display, administrators can quickly add new languages or extend the existing one for any custom portal app.
  • Campaign management ‘what if’ scenarios: The campaign manager can now more easily perform what-if scenarios in addition to having easier visibility on some of the key campaign information.
  • Asset expire and purge dates: Default values can be configured, allowing uploaded assets to expire or be purged to make asset management easier. When those are set, the content manager uploading an asset will be presented with default expiry and/or purge date that can be changed for specific content.
  • Easier navigation: A new administration option centralizes the options available to manage users, automations, customization, and other configuration features for the administrator. In addition, the account manager can specify what network a new user should land in when using X2O Desktop or X2O Mobile to ensure the most relevant content is shown from the start. The portal layout has also been improved to show more options and to simplify the wording.

X2O Media provides technology and services for the emerging visual communications and real-time data visualization market. The award-winning X2O Platform represents a new category of communication tools that improve the way enterprises engage with their employees and build brand awareness. By extending standard digital signage, X2O Media’s next generation corporate communications solutions reduce costs, drive safety and deliver corporate information and performance dashboards for intelligent targeting to audiences on the screens they use most – their desktop and mobile devices. X2O Media is still headquartered in Montreal.

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