Neuroscience for Cities Playbook

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Cities are intricate sensorial ecosystems connecting people for the survival of culture and society. With neuroscience we can discover how to help people respond to their sensorial perceptions so that this ecosystem can really work for them. In a globalized economy, highly mobile talent demands attractive places to live and work that enable high quality of life, maximum productivity and innovative problem-solving. City managers and corporates seeking to attract and retain such talent must pay close consideration to the quality of the spaces they provide.

Neuroscience will undoubtedly be a catalyst for new era of built environment innovation. With time and technological advancement, neuroscience will be able to help us understand the nuances of human biology, as it is affected by the built environment. This will lead to the sophisticated orchestration of different physical environmental elements such as light, sound, or street typography.

Future Cities Catapult invite you to join them on July 19, 2018 for an evening with The Centric Lab and University College London. Future Cities Catapult commissioned them to produce a playbook in how neuroscience is providing new ways to understand how people experience the built environment, revealing new opportunities for innovation and improved experiences, leading in turn to greater productivity, wellbeing and attraction. The Third Thursday event is the official launch of the playbook open to the public.

Speakers include: –

  • Opening statement by Future Cities Catapult
    Introduction on the project, Sam Markey, Head of Executive Office
  • The core reason neuroscience makes sense in the built environment, places for application, Araceli Camargo, Director of Lab, The Centric Lab
  • What this means for industry, Josh Artus, Co-founder and Built Environment Strategy, The Centric Lab
    What is the future? (ai modelling, out of the lab research -ecological brain), Dr. Hugo Spiers, Director of Science, The Centric Lab and Lecturer, UCL

Doors will open at 18.00 and the event will start at 18.40.

It takes place at Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0BE

You can register here.

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