Wallflower Global’s Value Proposition

Guest Contributor, Damien Edmonds

We recently received the first newsletter from Wallflower Global – an Antipodean company that seems to get things right on a small scale locally before rolling out solutions internationally.

Our first impression was that Wallflower made some big claims with their Value Proposition – ‘the most advanced digital signage software available‘ so we thought we’d dig a little deeper…

More functionality

On a promise of delivering more functionality than their competition, Wallflower are currently:

  • installing their first IPTV enabled network (Wallflower TV)
  • celebrating 12 months of Health TV network upgrade in NZ, with no outages due to network or software failures
  • experiencing growth with their Navigator product, combining display route-finding information with targeted promotions
  • measuring net OTS elements such as facial recognition of age group and gender
  • looking into energy saving measures using proximity detectors that turn off displays when no viewers are present


Wallflower can also schedule all popular Windows format images as well as Flash, RSS Feeds, Web pages, Videos including AVI, MPEG-1 to 4, QuickTime and WMV, TV and Video, live input from Spreadsheets and Databases.

Wallflower Products

  • Wallflower Lite – for simple installations like a bar where the owner develops their own media (Scheduler and Display are housed on same machine)
  • Wallflower Network – used by organisations that have multiple displays (Scheduler and Display are on separate machines).
  • Wallflower Navigator – for shopping mall or store operators who want to provide customers with navigating and informational kiosks
  • Altiris Network Management – bandwidth management providing sophisticated multicasting and reliable delivery.
  • Wallflower Detective – unique hardware device providing seamless integration of detection devices such as proximity detectors, micro switches or other technology to Wallflower, or other leading Digital Signage software packages.
  • Wallflower Site Manager – constant automatic status monitoring of your displays and routers.


  • Australia – Activate Group, Corporate Initiatives Australia P/L & TOTAL CONCEPT PROJECTS (AUST) PTY LTD
  • Canada – Actiads Network
  • China – PuTek Limited
  • Iceland – Blatton
  • India – Nascosys Infotainment Pvt. Ltd.
  • Middle East – Nascosys Infotainment Pvt. Ltd.
  • New Zealand – Connect NZ, Dynamic Display, Gen-i & Videopro
  • Poland – MASCD Group
  • Russia – Nord Systems
  • Scandinavia – Infotunnel AB
  • Turkey – inIT Consultancy Services Ltd.
  • UK – Clikingo New Media & Intelligent Earth Ltd

You will notice an absence of resellers in the US.

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