Kick Out Testicular Cancer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Kick Out Testicular Cancer

MDM.TV has been tasked by the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign (part of the Institute of Cancer Research) to create a 60 second advertisement and a longer educational DVD to raise awareness of testicular cancer in men aged 15 to 44.

The creation of this advertisement marks a new direction for MDM.TV, which is expanding its offering into the creative arena, by developing, producing and distributing content – in this case advertising of course, in addition to screening them on its own network.

The advert will run across the network’s 1000 plasma screens in top flight football stadia for the rest of the 2007/8 season as well as a DVD that will be sent to sports clubs across the UK.

There is a 99% chance of curing testicular cancer if caught early!!!

The advert features the Postmouth and England goalkeeper David James ‘catching the ball early’ in football games, at inappropriate points such as throw-ins, free kicks, and his own team’s corners.

A reprise then features James stopping his team bus to jump on a ball being kicked around by a group of school boys in a park.

Gerry McKenna, Managing Director, MDM.TV told us that “Testicular cancer is primarily an issue for 15-44 year old males. One of the challenges for any brand wishing to reach a specific target audience like this is that it’s rare to find them all together under one roof. Football brings this group together, and MDM.TV’s screen network allows us to talk to this demographic on a weekly basis.”

Dominique Vincent, spokesperson for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign commented “We are delighted with this campaign; the subject of testicular cancer is obviously a very sensitive issue, and MDM.TV has done a great job of tying the issue into the football context and providing a relevant platform to target those most at risk from the disease.”

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