Digital Signage Investor Conference

Chris Sheldrake

Strategy Institute will be holding their 4th Annual Digital Signage Investor Conference in New York on Tuesday 6th October and Wednesday 7th October 2009 and there is a hell of a lot of good stuff that we’d pay dearly to listen to.

Highlights of this event for us would be the opportunity to hear and interact with: –

  • Andy Querin, President & Chief Operating Officer, ZOOM Media (Canada) who will be discussing ‘Seizing the Opportunity for Growth, Expansion and Market Leadership’ at 09:30 AM on Day One.
  • At 15:15 PM also on Day One you have the opportunity to listen to, not one BUT three good speakers on ‘OOH Metrics: What’s Being Measured, How and What It Means‘ as Suzanne Alecia (President, OVAB), Rob Winston (Arbitron) and Dominick Porco (Chairman & CEO, Adspace Networks) will all be speaking.OVAB have been doing some great stuff as you all know. Rob Winston is a fantastic speaker and Arbitron are adding a lot to the industry. Adspace is one of our favourite Mall networks in the US.
  • We are not particularly keen on the round table / panel discussions at events cos’ you don’t get to hear enough from the people you really want to hear from. Why for example, put such luminaries as John McMenamin, CEO (Ripple TV), Lon Otremba, CEO (Access 360 Media), Ajay Chowdhury (CEO, EnQii Group) and others on a panel when a 30 minute speech from each of them individually would be so much more worthwhile?But hey! that’s just our opinion and all of these can be heard on the morning of Day Two in the session ‘CEO/Founders Roundtable on Fundraising’
  • Nice also to see Ana C. Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, i-design Group Ltd. (UK) – owners of atmAd of course giving an International Outlook.
  • Rob Gorrie, President & Founder, Adcentricity who is sharing a platform with Chris Borek, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Target will also be worth staying around for near the end of the last day – ‘Business Models: Past, Current and Future: Learning from the Past and Progressing for Success’
  • Laura Davis-Taylor, Founder and Principal, Retail Media Consulting wraps up Day Two with what will undoubtedly be a good session on ‘Emerging Developments and Opportunities in Retail Media’

Dirk Huelsermann will also be speaking with his President, OVAB Europe hat on. He is an excellent speaker and will be able to give a real insight into Europe (continental Europe especially).

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