More Layoffs At @RMGNetworks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In what has been described as the second reduction of their Professional Service staff, RMG Networks have reportedly laid off their longtime Director of Training, their Director of Service Delivery and a Senior Project Manager at their Dallas office.

We know of course, that in the UK, 25% of their staff have already gone and ‘super salesman’ Joe Rabah who was parachuted in from Dubai at the beginning of the year to run EMEA from London, has returned home and rumour is that Kevin Hill is going to try to step into the (big) shoes of Sales Director Rob Brinklow, who left voluntarily as a protest at all of the recent restructuring.

We are told by industry insiders that Hemanth Parasuram, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Virgo Capital (who effectively acquired the business a few weeks ago) fancies himself as a CEO and is seemingly taking charge. That means that good guy CEO Bob Michelson, is now running the business in ‘name only’ and that his contract, which is up in January 2019 will not be renewed.

With RMG’s latest ploy of having Jerry Rosen (he joined RMG Networks as senior vice- president, global chief marketing and creative officer in June 2016) try and run EMEA from Dallas (there are no visible signs of any attempts to recruit a new UK General Manager or Managing Director) it all points to them running the UK / European business as a maintenance cash cow and eventually no doubt, wind it up into a tiny satellite office.

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  1. Olga Korbyt Says:

    It should have been obvious that the financials hocus-pocus that created RMG made no business sense when the only adult in the room, Charles Ansley, took the opportunity to retire after the deal closed. That left no one who understood the marketplace or what they had at the table. There is not much to save now.

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