express Goes Lite

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The retailer who wants in on the digital signage world but doesn’t have a lot of money or require a lot of flash and video may find his needs met with express Lite, the newest product coming out of Seattle-based .advancedMethod and due on the market in about 60 days.

express Lite, the sibling of the original express digital signage system will sell for a MSRP of less that US$1,000. It takes advantage of the years of development of its big brother, express, allowing users the ability to have a superb digital signage platform with many of the tools offered in the full express system at an even more competitive price point.

True, it’s low cost, but it’s also a way to get more digital signage out there – and also a way to introduce its value to users who might later want to step up to more sophisicated systems.

.advancedMethod’s express Lite is a scaled down version of the company’s original express digital signage system and is built for those users who want a static slide-based digital signage solution. express Lite offers all of the professional graphic design applications, scheduling features, slideshow and player management abilities that the original system provides. The only difference is that Lite does not allow for Flash or video content.

“We heard from many customers that their needs for a digital signage/message board did not require video to be successful,” says Robert Grawet, .advancedMethod’s general manager. “express Lite was developed for those customers and many more who desire an easy to use, easy to buy system that does not require an expert graphics designer to be implemented. express Lite helps those and even the highly trained professional be able to deploy, schedule and manage their system.”

express Lite comes with the option of either Standard or Safety Net monitoring and includes the original express emergency broadcast system at no extra charge. It basically makes digital signage available to the general public and is being promoted an affordable solution for any retailer or facility that is looking for a professional yet economic way to build their own screen content and advertising.

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