London’s @ExterionMediaUK Upfront 2019

Andrew Neale

The Exterion Media Upfront 2019 was held Wednesday morning at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. The event was designed to bring out the facts supporting Exterion’s current message “The Power of Movement”.

Nigel Clarkson

Nigel Clarkson, Chief Revenue Officer opened the session with a nicely pitched personal and passionate overview of the Out-Of-Home industry in the UK, and set the tone well for the rest of the morning’s presentations.

The sessions were focused heavily on data, including some of the rich insights that Transport for London has been able to bring out with passenger movement across their network.

This is largely gathered from ticket barrier events, but also from their mobile device wifi tracking trial which allows them to fill the gaps in previous knowledge with a huge degree of detail.

Exterion has set itself 19 goals for 2019 – some of these are new product launches which will include new types of digital displays on the transport network.

Although TfL’s massive Crossrail project, which would have launched next month as the Elizabeth Line, has been put back to next year due to construction delays, a preview was shown of the huge new platforms with rows of large embedded portrait screens in the platform edge door walls which separate the platforms from the trains and track (like the newer stations on Jubilee line extension).

Andrea Marsh and the escalator ribbon

Andrea Marsh, Product Strategy Director also showed a new full motion HD escalator ribbon (see photo) which launches at King’s Cross and Tottenham Court Road stations in the next few weeks.

Although a lot was London focused, they pointed out that their footprint is national, for example they reach 98% of the audience in Scotland.

One of Exterion’s goals is improving on their corporate responsibility, and one fact Nigel Clarkson shared is that Exterion as a company pays all employees the London Living Wage (higher than the standard minimum wage), whether in London or not. They also pay it to any employees of any age, not just from aged 25 as is the national recommendation.

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