MobPro & @Broadsign Mobile & Programmatic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Broadsign, the leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing platform, and MobPro, an innovative mobile-first media agency, have integrated the Broadsign Reach supply-side platform (SSP) with MobPro’s demand-side platform (DSP) to enable integrated mobile and digital out-of-home campaigns to be purchased programmatically.

In the partnership’s inaugural campaign, XITE, the Netherlands’ top music video brand, used mobile and digital out-of-home to strategically reach their target audience, young adults with a passion for music, during the busy Dutch festival season.

Diederick Ubels, CEO at MobPro told us “We pride ourselves on innovation and creativity and we look for partners who share this passion. Working with Broadsign to add programmatic digital out-of-home to our campaign plans enables us to think outside the box and reach audiences in new, exciting and contextual ways.”

Using MobPro’s mobile location data, digital out-of-home screens can be purchased only in the areas that are most relevant to the target audience. Screens in train stations close to music festivals across the Netherlands were targeted for the XITE campaign, reaching festival-goers as they headed to the venues.

Moa Afzal, PR and communications manager at XITE said “We’re extremely happy with how the campaign turned out. We were able to really be part of the festival experience, ensuring our brands is a true source of inspiration for all things music.”

Through the partnership, both mobile and digital out-of-home ad space can be purchased programmatically, enabling data to be used to display content only when relevant. Virtually any data feed can be used to trigger the campaign using MobPro’s integration with Broadsign’s open API. In the XITE campaign, time of day was used to trigger the campaign in the afternoon and late evening as people come to and from the festival.

MobPro is the mobile-first media agency in The Netherlands. MobPro develops digital media strategies for top brands. With years of experience in both mobile and digital marketing and its in-house build DSP, they help brands engage with the mobile-first consumer. The focus is on brand growth as well as influencing behaviour, rather than just short-term performance. This way MobPro helps brands grow in a sustainable way.

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