Maximus Choose @TrueformGroup For New UK Street Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Maximus Networks, who describe themselves as a British smart city telecoms company, has announced plans to invest GBP 150 million in a national network of over 2,000 interactive streetside hubs across the UK.

On the back of its plans, it has commissioned the award-winning signage and street furniture manufacturer, Trueform, to manufacture the Max 3 hubs which will be installed on high streets across the country throughout 2019 and beyond.

Ashley Smatt, CEO of Maximus Networks, told us “We’re delighted to be in a position to invest significantly in the upgrading of the UK’s public telecoms infrastructure. Working with Trueform on the design and build of the Max 3 hub, we have created the world’s most technologically advanced hub with unrivalled functionality. In order to adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow our cities need to become ‘smart’. By upgrading public telecommunications we are connecting communities and bringing our cities, town and villages into the digital age, make life easier and better for all citizens.”

The press release says that it is going beyond current street kiosks; with Maximus hubs providing extensive public and community benefits in addition to free Wi-Fi, phone calls, wayfinding and rapid device charging.

They say that these new kiosks will be built with the needs of the community in mind – Max 3 hubs have been devised to provide out-of-home connectivity alongside smart city functions, such as pollution and traffic monitoring and weather data capture and through App based interactive screens, the hubs will provide many public safety and information benefits including access to Childline, access to emergency services, emergency activated cameras to be activated if citizens feel threatened as well as public information displays that can be used by councils to promote local services and initiatives.

Jonathan Morley, CEO of Trueform Group, said, “Working with Maximus on the Max 3 project has been exhilarating. Maximus has taken digital streetside hubs way beyond anything that exists in the market. Combining incredible design with innovation, it is exciting to be part of the next wave of technology towards making our cities smart and delivering tangible benefits to citizens, councils, charities and businesses.”

Maximus is currently undertaking extensive consultation with central and local government, as well as businesses and charities, as it rolls out the next generation network of interactive streetside hubs.

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