Broadsign’s CEO Burr Smith Battles T-Rex And Wins

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Broadsign International LLC this week announced that T-Rex Property AB has officially released Broadsign, along with Broadsign’s past, present, and future clients, from the T-Rex industry-wide patent infringement campaign. In response, Broadsign has agreeed to dismiss its counter lawsuit against T-Rex.

T-Rex acquired patents in 2006 relating to the use of technology for remote control of display information on outdoor public screens. In 2012, T-Rex started an aggressive infringement campaign by filing 59 lawsuits across the digital out-of-home industry. While Broadsign was never targeted by T-Rex, some of its clients were, and Broadsign chose to challenge T-Rex by filing a counter lawsuit on behalf of its customers.

Burr Smith, Chairman and CEO of Broadsign, who single-handedly led the counter suit against T-Rex told us “From the onset, we saw this type of aggressive patent trolling as a threat to the industry and were not willing to stand by while our clients opened their wallets to groundless intimidation. We decided to take immediate action and are delighted with this outcome which favors our clients and the industry”.

The lengthy two-year legal process concluded this week with T-Rex dismissing all cases against Broadsign clients and releasing Broadsign and its clients from any future claims.

2 Responses to “Broadsign’s CEO Burr Smith Battles T-Rex And Wins”

  1. Adam Malone Says:

    Big respect to Mr. Smith and Broadsign for standing up for its clients and the industry.

    The companies that have put in the work day after week after month after year should not cower to litigious patent trolls.

    If push ever came to shove… I know that DOmedia would follow your lead and do the same.

  2. Jeremy Gavin Says:

    The industry owes Mr. Smith and Broadsign a great deal of appreciation for this. Well done!

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