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Mersive Debuts Solstice 4.0 & A Next Generation Hardware Platform

Mersive Technologies [1], a leader in wireless content sharing and collaboration solutions, has announced a new hardware platform and version 4.0 of its Solstice software.

Solstice 4.0 combined with Gen3 Pod hardware extends Mersive’s platform-based approach to meeting space collaboration by adding new capabilities which will eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple niche solutions. These capabilities transform how meeting rooms are designed and used by reducing the cost and complexity of traditional systems into a single platform.

The newest version of the Solstice Pod introduces ShareSwitch, which together with an HDMI-input offers simultaneous sharing and control of both wireless and wired content sharing. The Gen3 Pod also includes dual HDMI output (single 4k or dual 1080p displays), and Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+). The new Pod leverages version 4.0 software to increase connectivity, playback and sharing performance by over 80% allowing for an even more seamless user experience.

Solstice 4.0 also includes added end-user capabilities such as Solstice Ink which enables collaborative highlight and mark-up displayed content from anywhere in the room by simply pointing and drawing with a smartphone. At the same time, international language support is expanded to 16 different languages.

Mersive Founder and CTO, Christopher Jaynes, Ph.D. told us “Because we’re a software company that focuses on innovative software on commodity platforms, we’re able to leverage Moore’s Law for our customers by porting to the latest chipsets that are driven by mass-market improvements. It’s also an opportunity to extend the Solstice platform to support more room types, use cases and user preferences in a single solution. With HDMI-input, for example, you can drop the two-input video switcher, and hard-wired sources become part of the collaborative Solstice experience.”

“Mersive continues to put its customers at the center of our product roadmap initiatives by listening carefully to their requirements and responding accordingly,” Robert Balgley, CEO of Mersive, said. “It is our software-based approach that allows us to continue offering transformative improvements in capability and performance while keeping cost to the absolute minimum.”

You can see them in Hall 14 Stand 14-N130.