CityMeo Becomes Cenareo

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

CityMeo, a company developing a new intuitive and collaborative SaaS mode digital signage management solution, has just announced that it is changing its name to Cenareo.

The company now employs 32 workers, and will use #ISE2019 as an opportunity to unveil its new identity.

David Keribin, CEO, Cenareo told us “CityMeo, originally created in 2012, has always been a nice start-up company. But today, our reach and our ambitions are on a totally new scale! The vision at the start was to simplify display screen management, but today we are building on that simplicity to enable managers and brands to imagine and create experiences with a much greater impact for their audience. We already have 8000 screens operating in 32 countries and an office in Germany, and our ambition is to become a world leader. ”

We were told that after six years in business, CityMeo’s identity, name and graphic charter had fallen out of tune with the changes taking place in the company; the Cenareo name is intended to refocus the corporate image on the creation of experiences. With this change, Cenareo is reaffirming its values, its vision, its expertise, and its resolutely “user- centric” approach.

The essence of the company remains the same: to empower communicators, enabling them to be the masters of their own strategy, backing them up with a powerful, ergonomic and invisible technology.
This new name highlights the company’s technical expertise, its creativity, but also the know-how of its clients who specialise in communication and marketing.

Cenareo will unveil its new identity on the Sharp stand at #ISE2019.

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