8K Association Releases Two New Documents

Andrew Neale

The newly formed 8K Association (8KA) has just released two new public documents on its web site.

The following two documents can be accessed by registering at the link below to receive an email with a link to access the pdf file.

Principal members of the 8K Association include leading panel supplier AU Optronics (AUO) along with consumer electronics giants Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics and TCL Electronics. Panel supplier Samsung Display is also in the process of joining the 8KA.

Specific goals of the organization include:

  • Promoting 8K TVs and 8K Content to consumers and professionals
  • Helping educate consumers and professionals about the 8K ecosystem
  • Helping secure 8K native content for members
  • Encouraging service providers (especially OTT) to develop 8K offerings
  • Facilitating communication within 8K ecosystem to help with commercialization
  • Developing initial technical requirements for 8K input signals
  • Developing initial 8K TV categories and minimum specifications for image quality

The 8K Association will soon publish additional documents allowing more companies to consider joining the organization.

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