Don’t Buy The Cow: How Servicizing Supersizes Value And Accessibility

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NanoLumens Visualization as a Service (VAAS) Business Program, aims to reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership AND provide an easy to access long-term upgrade path – whilst eliminating residual equipment risk and lump-sum end-of-term balloon payments.

According to NanoLumens Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development Joe’ Lloyd, this new program also offers systems integrators with an exciting way to expand their sales of LED visualisation solutions.

She told us “Visualization as a Service is now a viable business reality for the commercial audiovisual industry as systems become more integrated and complex, requiring more frequent updates to keep pace with technological developments. Whether you procure your NanoLumens visualization products through our channel partners or direct from us, this new Visualization as a Service Program makes our state-of-the-art LED solutions more accessible and affordable for customers without risking product obsolescence or requiring that you become a display expert!”

According to Lloyd, the prospect of purchasing commercial digital display solutions can be daunting to many prospective customers. “The technologies have an expensive reputation and not every business has the capex freedom to afford the upfront costs. These price tags loom even larger when customers realize any newly purchased hardware is a depreciating asset whose lifecycle they must extend beyond the technology’s peak usefulness to protect their return on investment.”

Consumers are often foreign to the complexity of these technologies. This unfamiliarity is a strong deterrent, especially if the business does not have the financial or human capital to invest in product training. We all know that display technology evolves quickly and many customers are often wary of buying something that may soon become obsolete, particularly when it may take a while to generate a positive return on what are substantial initial costs. Together these hurdles can paint such an intimidating picture that buyers may decide not to incorporate any large scale visualisation solutions at all – despite understanding that there is a real need for them in their enterprise.

Customers who purchase Visualization as a Service from NanoLumens receive the custom designed and installed solution, all training and customer service support, automatic upgrades as future technologies become available, a blanket end-to-end warranty and the AWARE network management platform developed by NanoLumens. Customers pay a monthly fee based on the installed solution without having to make any large upfront capital investment.

Joe’ Lloyd added “What’s more, NanoLumens is continually developing newer, better versions of our display solutions and VAAS customers have the freedom to schedule upgrades to these technologies as they become available. You can’t price out obsolescence, but through ‘servicization’, you can price around it. When a customer buys a display up front, that’s often the product they are stuck with. When they acquire a servicized solution however, they can improve what they pay for over time. This display enhancement process is built into our VAAS program and it allows customers to upgrade and replace assets as needed to keep pace with industry and technology changes. The NanoLumens VAAS Business Program is there to make sure that as your business changes, your display solutions provide the flexibility and scalability to respond.”

Also included in the VAAS program are ongoing reviews to discuss technology refreshment and implantation plans, as well as evaluations of mid-term alternatives, interim technology needs, and end-of-life technology options.

To learn more about the new NanoLumens Visualization as a Service (VAAS) Business Program, customers and prospective customers can click here to download the VAAS white paper.

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