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Adapt Media In Partnership with Retail Media Group

Adapt Media, a Toronto-based out-of-home media company, officially announced this week its partnership with the Retail Media Group, resulting in the expansion of its sales representation footprint across Canada.

Jamie Thompson, President of Adapt Media told us “I am very excited about bringing RMG into the fold. Increasing our already strong sales team from nine to seventeen Media Account Executives, covering every single region across Canada, will better service our clients nationwide. Adapt Media and Retail Media Group will together bring a newly combined value to our clients in point of sale advertising, data and premium media placements in Adapt Media’s new airport advertising offerings.”

This partnership will enable Adapt Media to forge relationships with other provincially based agencies and clients, as well as grow advertising revenue to new heights.

Claudio Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder at Retail Media Group said “This partnership has been in the making for some time now, and we’re excited at the potential opportunities it represents. When you combine the OOH networks represented by both companies, with the data and location intelligent solutions, as well as the client base and the talent pool of the sales representatives, this combination delivers an unprecedented location-based audience for advertisers looking to maximize the return on their ad budget.”

Retail Media Group (was founded in 2002 with the introduction of the AdBar™ grocery divider as an advertising solution that literally puts an advertiser’s message in the palm of a customer’s hand. Now available in 355 locations and 76 markets nationwide, our grocery store network delivers a total of 45.7 Million impressions every month. Our ad product offering has grown to include AdTray (self-checkout trays) and AdCap (conveyor belt end cap) and AdWrap (full conveyor belt wrap).