Digital Creative Agency Tommy Launches #DOOH Division OOHTommy

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digital creative agency, Tommy has launched a new digital out-of-home division, OOHTommy, aimed at brands looking to create bold, ground-breaking work and change the way screens are being used around the world.

It is the brainchild of Tommy’s Co-Founders, including Brand Director Marcus Foley. Alongside new OOH partner, former Ocean Outdoor exec, Iain Chapman, the pair have identified the need for a new era of outdoor advert that aims to create epic, immersive experiences for the consumer.

Marcus Foley Told us “When was the last time you developed work that caused people to stop in their tracks? That’s the kind of experience we want to create. In this age of digital advertising and always-on connectivity, it’s so easy to skip past adverts, in fact we’re trained to do it. That can change with out-of-home – and brands are taking notice. We want to offer consumers an experience they will never forget, driven by innovation and the hunger to impact people, which is why we’ve launched OOHTommy.”

With their work on Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Mowgli’, OOHTommy they are obviously looking to create outdoor experiences for brands that consumers have never experienced before. All of these experiences are developed through Tommy Labs, a digital laboratory, where the agency tests, trials, and innovates, with a mission to transform the out-of-home space alongside their clients.

The new offering includes creative strategy, high-quality production, and fresh innovation – a one-stop shop for the ultimate outdoor campaign.

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