Amtrak Advertising RFP Now Available

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Amtrak Advertising RFP that we discussed a week ago is now up on the Amtrak portal. Note that Amtrak is asking proposers to register on their site so that all proposers will receive updates as they happen.

Amtrak are seeking proposals to build out a:

  • Primary Digital Advertising Network: The network is comprised of New York Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th street, Washington DC Union station, Baltimore Penn Station and Chicago Union Station. In total these stations serve 23 million Amtrak customers but actually the exposure for brands is over 200 milion as they also serve commuter lines.
  • Secondary Digital Advertising Network: The network is comprised of nine stations outside of cities — Wilmington, DE., Emeryville, CA., Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA, Route 128 (Westwood), MA., BWI Airport Station, MD., Providence, RI, Lorton, VA., and Sanford, Fl. The network serves five million Amtrak passengers and seven million people in total.

These two networks can be awarded to one proposer wanting to build a single large network or as two separate networks.

There is also a request for a proposer to sell ads on board their trains and in their Acela Lounges.

The RFP is available on that registration page by clicking on the Business Opportunities tab and then ‘Non-Construction’. The RFP is listed as ‘RFP – DOC755729 Amtrak Advertising and Sponsorship Assets’.

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