AOPEN Unveils Chromebox Commercial 2

Andrew Neale

AOPEN has unveiled the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2, the first commercial-grade Chromebox that can power 4K screens. It can play content for two separate screens and features a slim, ruggedised design that is dust-resistant and free of moving parts, making it ideal for commercial use in demanding environments.

The device is available with 7th generation Intel Core™ i3 or Celeron processors, and the new design has multiple ports including three USB 3.0**, two USB 2.0, an RJ50 serial connector, and HDMI 1.4b and 2.0. A remote power switch enables the device to be powered up and down remotely.

The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 together with the Chrome Enterprise license makes deployment and control easy and will service a wide range of verticals and needs. The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2.0 represents a major leap forward in design and power.

Stephen Borg, CEO AOPEN Solutions told us “The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is our most advanced Chrome OS media player, ideal for the 4K video revolution we’re seeing in digital signage. With the power of Intel and the ease of operation and centralised management offered through the Chrome Enterprise license, it offers continuous performance even in the most challenging environments. We’re seeing increasing demand for 4K capability, and we’re working with our channel to enable applied IoT use cases that require greater edge capabilities, such as facial recognition and eye tracking through digital signage, as well as analytics and engagement”.

In Australia, the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 goes on show in Sydney on April 16, 2019, at Google’s offices, and in Melbourne on April 17, 2019.

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