Landmark Cinemas Standardizes on @Broadsign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Broadsign, one of the leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing platforms, has announced that its technology will power dynamic pre-show experiences across Landmark Cinemas, Canada’s second largest motion picture theatre exhibition company with 319 screens spanning 45 cinemas.

Landmark will also utilize Broadsign in its two new theatres opening in 2019, Market Mall in Calgary and Aurora in Regina.

Using Broadsign’s content management system (CMS), Broadsign Control, Landmark will automate scheduling and distribution of advertising, behind-the-scenes footage, and other pre-show content to screens across its network. The technology enables Landmark to quickly and easily distribute targeted national, regional, and hyper-local content as part of its pre-show, with Broadsign’s CMS automatically scheduling content based on movie genre, film rating, audience, and more when serving content to Landmark’s estimated 12 million annual moviegoers.

Bill Walker, CEO Landmark Cinemas told us “A great pre-show experience is a part of what consumers love when they go to the movies, which presents a fantastic opportunity for content providers and advertisers looking to reach a captive, receptive audience. Standardizing on Broadsign’s platform makes it easier for us to deliver an engaging pre-show for our customers, while providing us with the platform to scale and attract advertisers to increase our revenue stream.”

Landmark Cinemas is a subsidiary of Kinepolis Group NV, Belgium, Landmark is Canada’s second largest motion picture, theatre exhibition company. From a single screen in 1965, Landmark Cinemas welcomes Movie Lovers to share their love of movies and enjoy a perfect movie-going experience in 45 cinemas and 319 screens throughout Western Canada, Ontario and the Yukon Territory. We are connected to the communities we serve, and our Cast and Crew are proud to support Kids Help Phone. As a National Sponsor of the Walk, through promotional support and fundraising initiatives in our theatres, we are committed to support the mental health and well-being of both our youth Guests and Cast & Crew. Landmark’s corporate headquarters is in Calgary, Alberta.

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