NEC Analytics Learning Platform Partners w/ @Signagelive

Andrew Neale

Signagelive and NEC Display Solutions have partnered to deliver real-time digital signage content and analytics with NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP). The NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) Pro optimises message delivery with automated content creation and recommendations for targeted customers using AI-based analytics, enabling retailers to customize their content based on age, gender, events, and weather.

For retailers, NEC ALP and Signagelive deliver analytics and content personalisation that is normally reserved for e-commerce and mobile applications. The resulting real-time and contextual digital signage solution enables retailers to combat the face head-on the commercial challenges resulting from online retailers.

Signagelive has developed a deep integration with NEC ALP resulting in the following features:

  • Integration of media to be soft triggered – assign and match media to each ‘soft trigger’ in NEC ALP and publish to Signagelive Players ready to be triggered.
  • Verification of Media Delivery to Player – Media published from NEC ALP to Signagelive is verified as received by each Signagelive Player and reported back to NEC ALP.
  • Real-time reaction engine – Signagelive has developed a real-time reaction engine that listens to ‘soft trigger’ requests from NEC ALP before determining what media asset should play next. Decisions can be received by each player up to the last 2 seconds of a currently playing media asset deliver real-time reaction to NEC ALP insights.
  • Real-time Proof of Play – As each NEC ALP media asset is played a verbose log of the date and time of playback along with the media ID is sent to the NEC ALP platform for real-time proof of play reporting and analysis.

NEC ALP will deliver real-time triggers, and customers will continue to use the comprehensive media and management features of Signagelive including publishing of default and scheduled content, along with proactive monitoring of Signagelive players.

Signagelive has developed support for NEC ALP utilising BrightSign Players due to their robust, high performance and developer friendly operating system framework. Support for Signagelive’s Windows 10 IOT and Mac OSX players will follow.

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO of Signagelive 

told us “NEC ALP Platform adds a layer of intelligence to Signagelive networks enabling dynamic insight based digital media playback on Signagelive managed players and displays. The ability to use real-time analytics and insights to determine what to play; where, to whom and when, enables our customers to optimise the impact of their messaging for audience and maximise the return on investment in their digital signage network.”

NEC ALP is a near real-time solution based on (but not limited to) Anonymous Analytics (i.e. who is in store), weather and point of sale data, in addition to Proof of Play data provided by the signage solution.

Signagelive and NEC are developing an integration between the Signagelive CMS and the NEC ALP solution to enable Signagelive media players to be able to react to the analysis NEC ALP is conducting and trigger targeted content and messaging.

The solution works on the basis of a “soft trigger”, this means that the content is only changed at the end of the current asset, this is opposed to the “hard trigger” currently supported by Signagelive in the form of Web Triggers, Keyboard interrupts and GPIO (depending on player model).

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