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Geopath Adds Place-Based Measurement

Geopath [1], the not-for-profit organization that provides audience location measurement to the Out of Home industry, this week finally announced that it has added measurement of place-based advertising to its Insights Suite.

This long overdue addition now makes it possible for buyers and sellers to have a more comprehensive view of the total OOH advertising ecosystem.

The new measurement capability provides impressions, reach and frequency, across thousands of audience segments for place-based advertising, including signage in gyms, bars, amusement parks, stadiums, malls, airports, gas stations, retail environments, cinemas, grocery stores and many other venues.

Place-based audience measurement will be integrated into Geopath’s Insights Suite, which was launched in beta in 2018 and developed in conjunction with the OOH industry around an ‘audience-first’ approach. The platform was the first to provide buyers, sellers and agencies with granular audience segments for roadside and transit ad measurement.

The Insights Suite has more than 8,000 unique audience profiles currently available, with additional segments being added on a regular basis.

Kym Frank, president of Geopath told us “From the onset of its development, the goal of the Insights Suite was to deliver to the OOH industry a trusted, universal currency for all the inventory that comprises the broader marketplace,” says I would like to thank all of our place- based pilot participants for helping to make this a reality.”

Jeff Gunderman, CEO and President of Eye Corp Media and a Geopath Board Member was quoted as saying “The inclusion of place-based and digital place-based media in Geopath’s standardized currency will make trading across the medium easier and more reliable. This is a huge step in making the safe and trusted out of home advertising ecosystem competitive with digital online and mobile”.

The launch of place-based measurement follows a pilot conducted by Geopath and its partner, Intermx, in cooperation with more than 30 placed-based media networks representing varied segments of the OOH industry. The trial evaluated 500 locations, which were then analyzed for venue, screen impression and audience demographic data.