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Nomadic Advertising Comes To India

Further to our early mention yesterday [1] about Pixman’s Press Conference in India, we haven’t seen an official press release but have noticed that local Indian press have started to pick up on the story opportunities so far presented.

Seems like Pixman [2] have been very clever here and have first mover advantage In India over their mobile / wearable media competitors AND partnering with someone with the local muscle of MMM makes a lot of sense.

Not surprisingly one of the first brands to start using the system will be a Telecoms company.

MUMBAI: Do not be surprised to find young people standing with a LCD screen advertising products on busy streets, malls and airports!

In a first of its kind initiative in India, interactive “nomadic advertising” strategies will soon be implemented by Canadian ‘Pixman’ in association with Mass Media Makers (MMM).

Conventional forms of advertising like television, print and other outdoor forms like billboards are being used and the clients are looking for out-of-the-box idea, company Vice President Cristina Romero said at the launch here today.

“We can target people where we want. It is a very interactive medium offering the consumer a better experience,” she said.

A backpack weighing around eight kg constituting various accessories like a DVD player, computer is carried by the man and the output of the accessory is on a LCD screen, she said.

“The interactivity comes in by giving internet connectivity to the computer. You can click pictures of people on the street, transfer them on the web and involve the people by conducting street competitions,” she said.

Pixman has tied up with MMM and is in an advanced stage of talks with leading telecom manufacturers to implement the strategies in India.

Pravin Chudasama of MMM said the civic body has not yet given the company a permission to roll-out the product in South Mumbai but they can be placed in malls anytime.

“The pricing depends upon the applications to be used by the client and we expect to roll out 150 pixmans by year end,” he said.